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ESG Funds Info Session - Shared screen with speaker view
Stephanie Sena
Councilmember Gauthier told me that there will be an RFI released any day for the tiny homes village in her district- which will be a permanent housing model, unlike the current one for Henon's district that is transitional model- with community bathrooms,etc. Can you let us know when this will be available?
Katherine Gilmore Richardson
When you say rental arrears and housing relocation costs, can the ESG CARES funding help with the 2000 households that were in process for eviction prior to COVID?
Quinzelle Bethea El
Please provide clarification in shelter services. Can the RFP be written to provide these services?
Tina Newstead
I had a similar question to Stephanie - are any of the current or planned RFPs for permanent housing options vs. transitional/temporary?
Tina Newstead
Additional question - are folks going to be matched to all of these opportunities through CEABHRS/HMIS, or will there be a different referral/match process?
Katherine Gilmore Richardson
Also, how can we utilize this funding to ensure we are helping individuals towards a path of homeownership which is one of the primary ways to gain generational wealth. Philadelphia's homeownership rate is decreasing.
Samantha Petty
These landlords incentives sound similar to the existing nationally known Rent Well Program which also specifies landlord responsibilities. Are we considering adopting that program for this funding?
Melanie Haake
@Tina Newstead Correct, the referrals for these programs will be through CEABHRS
Tina Newstead
Thanks Melanie.
Samantha Petty
Can you clarify the expectations for tiny homes comply with the habitability standards?
Melanie Haake
@Katherine Richardson the Rapid Rehousing programs are designed to help participants achieve housing stability, which will lead to increased homeownership.
Tina Newstead
Will people need to be considered "COVID vulnerable" to be eligible for any of these options?
Quibila A. Divine
How will landlords be notified about this opportunity...especially those currently serving low to moderate income families?
Melanie Haake
@ Samantha Petty, we are not considering adopting the Rent Well Program at this moment, because we are focused on ensuring that all of the ESG regulations are fulfilled
Samantha Petty
Seconding Quibila Divine, will the shallow rent subsidies be targeted/advertised to existing mom and pop landlords many renting parts of their own homes or owning less than 4 units?
Katherine Gilmore Richardson
Agreeing with Quibila Divine and Samantha Petty. How can members of Council help with getting the word out about the rent subsidies and all the assistance available?
Melanie Haake
@ Quinzelle Bethea El A general list of services is listed in the SRO RFP, and this presentation will also be made available
What was the hotline number?
Kendra Talley
im interested in opening An SRO Are There Grants Available To Start An Single Room Occupancy
Samantha Petty
RE Rent Well (a great evidence based model that we could look at) balances landlord and tenant education and responsibilities and offers incentives and $ for damages. http://www.rentwell.org/tenant-education/
Stephanie Sena
My understanding is there will be 2 tiny homes village- one for transitional housing in Henon's district, and one for Gauthier's district- his for transitional housing, hers for permanent housing- is this accurate? When will her RFI be public?
Felix Quinones
Can you spell SEABREAS?
Nya Sturrup
@Kendra We do have an RFP open for SRO-Philadelphia. Please visit http://philadelphiaofficeofhomelessservices.org/about/funding-opportunities/ to view the RFP and how to apply.
Daiquiri Robinson
CEA-BHRS spelling
Felix Quinones
Katherine Gilmore Richardson
Please send the information to my office as well Katherine.gilmore.richardson@phila.gov
Stephanie Sena
Thank you for answering this question. I appreciate that
Donna Laws
Will landlord incentives include working with Participants past their 12 month and/or in those cases of 24 months, to adjust the amount of rents for Participants unable to pay the amount requested at that time..to encourage longer leasing? For example, those Participants receiving $800 per month Social Security.
Nya Sturrup
Tiny Homes RFI Info Session on 11/12. Please register: https://housingfirstuniversity.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJUlcOCtqD0rHtM0hD8DKkcMcIj3Beh90tiC
Jeni Wright AIDS Law Project
Is there a long-term strategy for participants who are not able to increase their household income – for example, participants unable to work and who are living on SSI or SSD ($770 a month for SSI)? There seems to be a lot of elderly and/or disabled renters in the City who fall in this category and are very vulnerable.
Nya Sturrup
Learn more about CEA-BHRS and the updated Prioritization Policy here: http://philadelphiaofficeofhomelessservices.org/about/cea-bhrs/
Katie Barnhart
Is the Shallow Rent initiative for singles only?
Marion Campbell
What services does the provider need to provide for shallow rent
Katherine Gilmore Richardson
I have to go for another briefing. I will have my team follow up with you office. Thank you.
Lisa Rivera
For Shallow rent, if the client is on SSI and can not get anymore income, what happens after HOME$200 is over, how do they sustain income without that extra help?
Leticia Devonish
@Donna Laws Participants in Rapid Re Housing will be referred to permanent housing which is subsidized housing available to persons with disabilities. Providers can also refer seniors to subsidized senior housing.
Melanie Haake
@Katie Barnhart the current SRO RFP that is out is for individuals
Kendall Brabham
This information is so informative and and much needed during this time
Leticia Devonish
Please send any questions pertaining to Rapid Re Housing to Leticia.Devonish@phila.gov after this meeting. Thank you
Samantha Petty
Very much appreciate the options for creativity. In general can you discuss how community engagement will be wrapped into these RFPs? Should providers be prepared to do neighborhood outreach? Our team is interested in doing Good Neighbor Agreements for example.
Samantha Petty
Thank you!
Nya Sturrup
@Zinna which specific program are you interested in?
Sara Pagni
ESG Regulations: https://www.ecfr.gov/cgi-bin/text-idx?SID=2972172c2dd3f3dfabf457cdcb7f95f4&mc=true&node=pt24.3.576&rgn=div5
Caleb Jackson
Are the SRO's funding opportunities more for organizations versus individual landlords?
Samantha Petty
Is all the funding straight ESG or part ESG and part ESG CARES?
Tina Newstead
Have to jump off but this was very helpful and informative. Thank you all so much!
Nya Sturrup
If you have any questions for OHS staff, but don't know who to directly contact, you can always email ohs@phila.gov. That email is monitored daily and your questions will be forwarded to the appropriate person!
Stephanie Sena
Thank you for this information
Quibila A. Divine
Thanks so much for this information. Looking forward to our continued work together to house those experiencing homelessness.
Marion Campbell
Yes, Thank you all so much, this was a great information session